June 27, 2013, 9.00 AM at Hilton Hotel Bucharest, Regina Maria Hall 
Even in these turbulent times for the renewable energy in Romania, there are ways to continue doing business in photovoltaic in Romania.
Who are the investors that believe in Romania's solar energy potential?
How do you adapt to the new legislation challenges?

Attended or missed the event? Want to catch up with what was presented there? Simply download the slideshows you want by clicking on the presentation links below.

Apostolos Apostolou - General Manager, Montana Energy

Maria Sabau - Energy Supply Manager, MONSSON ENERGY TRADING

Adrian Pavelescu - Renewables and Real Estate Director, Tinmar Ind

We are pleased to give you ahead notice on an exclusive roundtable meeting with some of the investors in the Romanian PV sector.

Save the date to participate in an event that will offer key insights on interpreting the new EGO for the modification to the Energy Law and practical know-how on how the current challenges of developing a solar PV plant in Romania.

An exceptional panel of speakers will share substantial know-how about market potential, who to address, economic aspects, infrastructure and technology as well as other key issues useful to develop solar energy projects in Romania.

At the Meet the investors in PV roundtable, local, regional and international project developers, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, will have the opportunity to meet governmental decision makers, potential investors who want to enter the market and invest in solar industry.

Confirmed speakers:

Zoltan Nagy-Bege - Member of the Regulatory Board, ANRE

Ciprian Glodeanu - President of Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association, RPIA

Maria Sabau - Energy Supply Manager, MONSSON ENERGY TRADING

Apostolos Apostolou - General Manager, Montana Energy

Adrian Pavelescu - Renewables and Real Estate Director, Tinmar Ind

Meeting Agenda

9:00 -9:30 - Welcome coffee and business breakfast
9:30 -11:30 - Roundtable discussions

Interpretations of the new EGO of the Law 220/2008

Legislative challenges and national energy programs/ changes in the support scheme

Potential for solar energy in Romania in the current market conditions

Project development/Project planning - key aspects of a PV plant development

Production and costs - how will the anti-dumping measures affect pricing

11:30 - Networking time

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